See Clearly All Day Without Surgery,
Eyeglasses, Or Contact Lenses

Correct Your Vision
While You Sleep
With Ortho-K

Ortho-K Is The Only Non-Surgical Vision Correction
Providing Corrective, Preventive, And Protective Benefits.

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Less than Lasik, payment plans available, everyone qualifies


The corneas recover their original shape when you discontinue the treatment


No burning, cutting or tissue destruction, a more natural approach to visual freedom


The treatment comes with a 3-month warranty. Ask us for the details


Increase child’s self-esteem & sports performance. No more broken glasses. FDA approved

While you SLEEP

A more natural and gentle alternative to change the corneal curvature.

How does it Work?

When you are nearsighted, the shape of your cornea causes light rays to focus too far in front of the retina. Thanks to an innovative non-surgical technology, the cornea can be gently reshaped so the light will refocus where it is supposed to, right on the retina.

Dr. Arroyo specializes in the design and fitting of advanced custom corneal molds that you wear while you sleep. The cornea is elastic in nature, and its curvature can be gently molded; a corneal topographic evaluation will allow the doctor to generate a unique lens that will exert a controlled amount of pressure on the cornea. By changing its curvature, light focuses exactly on the retina, resulting in clear vision.

Corneal Molding (Ortho-k) is completely reversible if necessary and non-invasive.

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