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What is
Migraines No More®

MigrainesNoMore® is a program where migraine sufferers discover for the first time how to teach their body to no longer produce migraines. We ask our patients, "If you could choose how many migraines you have, how many would you choose?"

Of course, the answer is a resounding, "ZERO! I would NEVER CHOOSE to have a migraine!" Our patients learn they actually do have the power to choose and that's what we help them discover and take control of in their own life.
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Migraines are the symptom,
We find the cause!

Migraines are just a symptom. Can the body be realigned to reverse the biological storm that causes painful episodes?. The prevailing medical "wisdom" is that migraines are a disease or a sickness condition where the body is doing something it is not supposed to do, and where mitigating pain killers and dangerous surgeries are the only treatments possible.

I have found it is just not true. Migraines are a defensive mechanism, a painful symptom that happens as a result of a chain of biochemical events in a body with specific genetic, metabolic, and neurological situations. Such line up to create the perfect biological storm that produces the migraines.​​​​​​​

Targeting the underlying cause

Even though there are different underlying causes triggering the migraine events, we have found that the great majority of these individuals have very similar traits in terms of their specific genetics, epigenetics, and even anatomical. Actually, the migraine sufferers, I discovered, have some unique differences genetically and they are NOT working under the same rules as non-migraine sufferers.

These genetic differences require the migraine sufferer to observe some different boundaries and when those boundaries are crossed the body undergoes a chain reaction of events that produces a migraine. When these boundaries are observed and properly realigned and corrected, we are able to dismantle the chain reaction and the body no longer gets triggered to produce a migraine.

What is your
migraine threshold?

We have learned to identify very specifically these underlying causes or boundaries. In learning YOUR body's specific boundaries you can choose how many migraines you want to have (laugh) ...and people choose zero.

I have yet to have a patient say to me, "Dr. Arroyo, I really want to keep at least one migraine a week because I really enjoy them." I can give you an illustration of how these boundaries differ in migraine sufferers and non-migraine sufferers. Think about a large event at the Astros Stadium – or a Texans Football game at the Reliant Stadium.

There is a biological storm
we call MIGRAINE

The event is fun as long as everyone is inside the stadium but what if the only way all those people could leave required them to drive down one residential street? You would have 100,000 people trying to go home on a residential street.

That would take forever and we would see new levels of road rage, right? When we build giant stadiums we make sure there is access to large roads, many lanes, faster speeds, etc. so that everyone who enjoyed the event can get home in a reasonable amount of time.

Your pathway towards a life
without pain

You see, in our bodies, we all have pathways that are like roads. Instead of cars, we have bio-chemicals processes and enzymes, billions of them every minute. Consider these bioprocesses and enzymes the metabolic body highways.

Non-migraine sufferers have broad highways with many lanes and quick speeds that allow adjusting, regulating, and detoxifying effectively, without incidents. Migraine sufferers lack these broad multi-lane pathways - they lack the interstate.

They are dealing more with a residential street or two. Now, think of the stadium as a stomach and the people as representing the food ingredients and micronutrients.

Identifying your triggers

All the enzymes from every single ingredient in every food you ate are trying to go somewhere else in the body so it can be used to give you energy, give you a good mood, give you good sleep, give you mental focus, support your heart or your immune system, etc.

But there is a giant chemical traffic jam. The stadium only has one residential street for EVERYONE to use. The body produces its own version of road rage: inflammation.

Migraine sufferers have never known this before. We've chased food sensitivities or food allergies in hopes of figuring out the food connection, but with very limited success.

Rebalance our Autonomous
Nervous System

That's because the issue lies at the epigenetic and bioenergetic level, not just the digestive level. Migraine sufferers exposed to the wrong substances and life habits are unknowingly clogging up their one residential road out of the stadium.

For instance, THIS CAN HAPPEN EVERY TIME THEY EAT SOMETHING, although there are other factors firing up the chain of events that trigger the migraines! In this dynamic, an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system plays a very significant part as these individuals tend to be in a ‘sympathetic lock’ or a hyper-stressed state.

When this happens it literally holds the muscles and tissues in a different state, thinks: clinched fist versus a relaxed hand.

Improve your
sleep and digestion

The autonomic nervous system being hijacked, and the constant inflammation works together to form a hair-trigger because the body is in an overloaded state.

The body wants the inflammation to come down. It wants the clinched state deep within the body to relax. But it is living in a red zone of near overload.

The migraine is nothing more than a tipping point, the body is crying "uncle" and needing relief from the load it is being forced to carry. You could say migraines are the body’s response to hostile inflammation; in our example, the cascade of events is started by the show at the stadium where the exit streets and narrow and faulty.

Life without migraines
is finally possible

In short, migraines are the result of localized inflammation, reduced production of cellular energy, and an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system. Following up with our example, the migraine sufferer just wants the pain to end but the body wants the roads opened up and to have more than a residential street to work with when the stadium empties.

When we teach people how to discover their own epigenetic code and how to reset, realign and rebalance their autonomic nervous system, the migraines stop - they just stop. Migraines are a defense mechanism, not a disease or a condition. When we stop the threat there is no need for the body to launch a defense response.

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